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A Professional Collection Agency

Primary Collection Services

CCS (Creditors Collection Service) utilizes state of the art technology through CRSoftware (FICO) including Mercury Predictive Dialers and Pegasus IVRS.  With our all inclusive module, NAVIGATE, clients are able to view their accounts real time, upload placement files, report payments/bankruptcies/update information, run reports, and send emails all in a secure and encrypted environment.  We also accept manual placement files.  Our agency skiptraces and scores accounts through Lexis Nexis, and reports to all major credit bureaus including Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

CCS, an independent and locally owned agency, is a certified, small business enterprise (SWaM vendor) registered with eVA.  At CCS clients receive local accessibility, as well as, accountability with local call centers where accounts are kept in-house and not outsourced.  Commission rates at CCS are both competitive and fair, based on volume and age.  Historically, our success rate of recovery at CCS has exceeded the national average as reported by our trade organization, ACA International, The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. 

Early Out/Pre-collect Services

CFM (Cash Flow Management), an affiliate of CCS, assists its clients in managing their current A/R (non-defaulted debt), normally those less than 120 days old.  When it comes to aging accounts, credit managers are faced with the Question of Timing: "When should they stop working an account in-house and seek the help of an outside collection specialist?"  With the increased responsibilities placed on credit managers, outsourcing has become quite a trend in the last decade, both from a time savings, as well as, a financial savings aspect. 

CFM offers early out/pre-collect services on Non-Defaulted Debt.  With CFM, credit managers avoid:

  • the risk of placing an account too early and paying unnecessary commissions to a primary agency, and/or
  • even worse, waiting too long to place accounts with a collection agency, making it impossible for even a specialist to recover.

CFM provides clients a choice of pre-collect services most conductive to their needs, including:

  • a series of soft collection letters mailed to your consumer
  • a series of soft collection calls made to your consumer by a certified collection specialist

CFM will professionally design, prepare, and mail pre-collection letters or make soft collection calls to your consumers making them aware of their debt and encouraging payment be made directly to your office, providing instant cash flow.  Considering the personnel time you will save, the costs of preparing and mailing a letter in compliance with all collection laws, the effectiveness of a third party-letterhead, phone calls made by a certified collection specialists, and the good public image you will maintain, CFM should prove to answer the Question of Timing

$ 141 Billion—That’s the amount of debt businesses report annually as a loss to the IRS because some consumers have not paid their bills.
$ 39.3 Billion—That’s the amount collection agencies return to those businesses every year.

If provided an opportunity to service your collection needs, CCS assures you its best efforts to maximize recovery of your accounts while protecting the good public image enjoyed by your company.  For more information on becoming a CCS client, please call our office at (540) 772-6600/(800) 313-2675 ext 8015 or email