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Creditors Collection Service is a professional collection agency, established in 1974, currently servicing the needs of multiple industries  in VA, WV, NC, SC, as well as, other states on the east coast.  Our agency is a member of ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals and is a SWaM vendor, registered with eVA.  Our staff of collection specialists are certified through ACA with no violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, calling consumers six days a week 8 am – 8 pm in an attempt to collect monies due our clients.  We offer an array of collection services including primary collections on bad debts through Creditors Collection Service (CCS) with credit bureau reporting and early out/pre-collect services on non-defaulted debt through Cash Flow Management (CFM) utilizing state-of-the-art technology including predictive dialers and IVRs.  Historically our success rate of recovery has exceeded the national average as reported by our trade organization, ACA.  At CCS our rates of commission are competitive and there is “no charge, unless we collect.” At CFM we offer both a contingent rate of commission of “no charge unless we collect” for soft phone calls and a flat fee for a series of collection letters on our letterhead with payment made directly to your office.  Our agency adheres to the Code of Ethics and Code of Operations as set forth by ACA International.  Please be assured if given the opportunity to help you in your collection needs, we will do our best to maximize recovery of your accounts while protecting the good public image of your company and treating your consumers with dignity and respect.  For more information on becoming a CCS client, please email us at or call 540-772-6600 or 800-313-2675 ext 8015.